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There are some people out there who still think of India as a rather crowded third world country whose richness and opulence could only be recognized in their thriving and vivid culture. This is perhaps mainly because most people who are exposed to the idea of India approach it from an educational or informative standpoint studying them in classrooms and perhaps seeing them in a number of documentaries and television specials that focus on the culture of India as well as the plight of their women, children, and insert-name-of-minority-group-here. Evidently, shows and documentaries such as these would only focus on the darker side of India despite the fact that the country itself had made some leaps and bounds in its march towards modernization and progress. If one observes properly, one would realize that India is a good mix of the old and the new. And included in the new would be the rise in the demand for consumer electronics.

Despite what many people think, India is very much up-to-date with the signals of progress, and the consumer electronics industry in the country most definitely reflects this. They are finding more and more success thanks to the demands of the youth who rather like having their digital cameras and mobile phones at hand. The digital age has most certainly made the use of certain electronic products convenient for the younger generation, which probably explains the popularity. Convenience as well as the cheap and cool factor combine to make electronics one of the fastest-rising demands in India. Quite modern, don’t you think?

So take your mind out of snakes coming out of baskets, Indians lying on bed of nails, and public baths. Although these are part of what makes India a place worth visiting, they also tend to create an impression that the country is still trapped in an era where technology is likened to black magic. While all that is appealing, it is totally in contrast to what India is today: a booming place for consumer electronics.

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