Fire Fighting System to Protect Electronics Systems

The most damaging fires usually occur in unoccupied areas or at times when no person is around- night time and holidays. Moreover in a big place it is really not possible to keep an eye on every aspect at all places. Thus an automatic installation in all these places is necessary to round the clock fire protection. Moreover automatic installation is simple to erect without involving costly and unsightly pipe work. Our automatic fire extinguisher is equipped with gas based extinguishing agent or chemical powder known as the first responder. The gas based extinguisher is the answer to the safety for server rooms, electrical panel room etc.

The first responder fire extinguishers are a technological breakthrough that provides automatic fire protection for electrical electronics and a variety of other risk. This fire extinguisher does not require any external source of power to operate. It can be used for local application or total flooding of hazards.

The automatic fire suppression equipment is small and portable. So it can be carried at the right place in time of need. So it is the best choice for ensuring fire safety to important places. These fire extinguishers can be customized to suit the different needs of the customers.

I just want to discuss some important features of this fire extinguisher.

• Pinpoint detection
• Accurate discharge towards fire
• No extinguish ant wasted
• No large intrusive cylinder required
• Can be used to protect individual items
• No requirement of electrical power
• No electrical components to fail
• No risk of sparks
• Simple installation
• Scalable installations, protect equipment small and large
• Fire protection equipment combining automatic detection with automatic fire suppression
• Compact and economical fire extinguisher
• Low maintenance cost

This fire extinguisher catered by us is of tip notch quality and is maintained using quality material and advanced technology. Our expert and engineers are capable to maintain pace with the latest trend of market place. These are well known for its high efficiency.